5 Reasons Why Lollipops Should Be in Your Purse at ALL Times (Part 2)

5 Reasons Why Lollipops Should Be in Your Purse at ALL Times
Lollipops are a very handy hard candy! That’s why it’s always a good idea to be prepared
and carry a few suckers on you at all times.
1 If you are anything like me, walking past a bakery is a brutally tempting task, but if you have a lollipop in your purse, you can pop that sucker in your mouth instead and forget all about the fattening sweet you were dreaming of. Enjoy a healthier treat and save the calories!
2 Traveling with children can be difficult, but carrying lollipops in your purse can make things easier. When your children start to get restless or cranky in the car or on the plane, surprise them with an Original Gourmet Lollipop! They’ll be pleasant and quiet for at least an hour!
3 Lollipops have been proven to help quit smoking, so next time you are walking down the street and get the urge to smoke a cigarette, try pulling a lollipop out of your purse as a safer (and tastier) alternative!
4 Another reason to have a stash…

Award Season! Red Carpet Looks and Lollipops

It’s January, which means award season is just kicking off in Hollywood! One of my favorite parts of award shows is the fashion, from beautiful gowns, to the worst outfits I have ever seen, it sure is awfully entertaining. The first show of the season was the Golden Globes this past Sunday, which did not disappoint in the fashion aspect.

So today, I will be analyzing some of the most talked about red carpet looks, and pairing them to the lollipop I feel best symbolizes their outfit. Here we go!

Lady Gaga + Blue Raspberry

Lady Gaga. First off, LOVE the dress, and she dyed her hair blue to match. I love Gaga, she seems like a down to earth individual, and her talent is undeniable. She remains true to her spunky style which is why matched her with the blue raspberry lollipop, they both have a lot of flavor in a small package! p.s : If you haven’t seen A Star is Born it’s a must see!

Lupita Nyong’o + Blueberries & Cream

Okay Lupita Nyong’o’s dress was definitely one of my favorites, but …

Whats your Spirit Animal Flavor

Animals are all around us. In spirit, they symbolize many characteristics that any person (or lollipop) can relate to. We may not clearly understand their meanings, but by learning more about them and connecting to our spirit of animals we can find powerful insight into our personalities, skills, traits, and emotions. Check out the spirit animals that help identify some of our favorite lollipop flavors.   
Hot Cinnamon: Fox The fox totem identifies Hot Cinnamon. In the kingdom of spirit animals, the fox provides guidance on how to swiftly find your way around obstacles. The fox takes action very quickly. He is adaptable and can glide past resistance effortlessly, all with high physical and mental responsiveness. An obstacle is no match for the sly but fiery fox. 
Hot Cinnamon is one of our most responsive personalities yet. Its spicy flavor profile makes it is one of our most distinctive. It is hot and has a sharp kick, which mimics the mental sharpness of the fox.
Cotton Candy: Dog

The Seasons Most Craved Trends

"The Refined Professional"(Aka: Pomegranate Raspberry)
For this fall season, runways are filled with everything herringbone, glen plaid, and houndstooth patterned. You can spot these looks from famous names such as Saint Laurent, Prada, and Louis Vuitton. Designers are creating powerful looks, and you may choose to start rocking some lookalikes at the office come fall. Just add a pair of low-heeled pumps and a forest green purse to complete the look.

"The Vivacious Explorer"(Aka: Bubblegum)
We're starting to see big things on the fall runway and its looking pretty fun! Everything oversized is in and we are getting quite comfortable with it. Names such as Balenciaga, Marc Jacobs, and Prada have all displayed their renditions of this capacious silhouette. Rocking this look is super easy, especially when you complete it with a comfy pair of fashion sneakers and maybe even a circular handbag to round out the outfit. Talk about fall 2K18 chic!